Basketball: AS Salé in the finals of the Africa Champions Cup ' (video)

And that is a first for the club.

AS Salé wrote history by themselves yesterday to qualify for the finals of the Africa Champion Cup in Rades, Tunisia. The Moroccan team knew Angola's Libolo Benfica playing 97-86.

The star of the match was undoubtedly Zouita Ed Hardy. He was scored 29 points, 2 assists and 5 offensive rebounds, reports Lefr360

AS Salé will compete against Etoile Sportive de Radès, the club that organizes the competition, in the final today. This is the second time they meet each other after their confrontation in the group stage. The Moroccans lost the first meeting with 78-71.

For the interested parties is the contest below.

[video = youtube; BxbTXduS8Lc] v = BxbTXduS8Lc [/video]

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