Three years in prison for plotting terrorist attack on Mawazine in Rabat

The 25-year-old terrorist was planning to shed blood during the upcoming Mawazine festival.

The Court in Kenitra sentenced a person to 3 years in prison for plotting a terrorist attack on the next edition of the Mawazine festival in Rabat.

The 25-year-old terrorist from Souk El Arbaa, in the Kenitra region, swore allegiance to the terrorist organization Daesh. According to the daily newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia shared the offender extremist content on his Facebook page, including videos of barbarous acts of the terrorist organization. He also recruited several other terrorists to assist in its planning to commit an attack on the 18th Edition of the festival. He wanted at the same time, multiple suicide attacks by means of bomgordels, which he and his companions would let go off during the festival.

The man was sentenced to 3 years in prison for extremism, planning terrorist attacks and setting up a criminal gang to undermine the safety of the Kingdom.