DGSN about pedestrian crossing: "there will gradually be maintained '

The get it right by the road safety around zebra crossings would take place through 3 different steps, thus the DGSN.

In Morocco was and there is still much to do, the fine for pedestrians who do not use the crosswalk. The responsible organ which is responsible for maintaining and compliance with measure, the umbrella police organization DGSN, would like to make it clear about a number of things. In front of the Moroccan news agency MAP will be a responsible to know that there is some lack of clarity within the DGSN prevails at the citizen after news coverage of media.

1. In the first place motorists receive a traffic penalty for failing to let go of pedestrians: 300 dirham about
2. next one will national campaigns through the consciousness of both driver and pedestrian around go increase this measure
3. the last step is the fining of pedestrians who do not heed the traffic measure already imported: 20 to 50 dirham fine amount

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