Soundos almost bullied on Robinson Island

"The final pick is the best revenge I may have".

Soundos Eb sat during Expedition Robinson 32 days on a Philippine island and knew to everyone's surprise the final. But that did not go without a fight. The comedian felt very lonely often between the other participants.

"I was in the beginning in a group where I'm not felt at home," says Soundos in the Telegraph. "I had to fight for my place and was also really left out and ignored. I have never felt so lonely in a group. There were a few people who thought they were above others and that would ruin the atmosphere. " Achieving the final feels for her as revenge to the other Robinsons. "I don't have nothing more to discuss if I've sent you home and you've won. The final pick is the best revenge I may have. "

The 36-year-old Soundos received a lot of criticism from viewers, because they have no sheet for her mouth. "Understandable," she says. But they recognize themselves in the image of her is not entirely put down. "All the vulnerable is not depicted, crying did I secretly. I'm almost driven, then you must fight. That I am for myself before and was honest, has worked against me first. But that is becoming appreciated. I have a big mouth, but a heart of gold. "

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