Kenitra: woman married to two men

The 24-year-old wife was secretly married with a second man.

Polygamy is not unknown in Morocco, but polyandry (veelmannerij) is a term which you rarely hear. A 24-year-old woman living in the rural town Baby, in Kenitra, was with two men married her first husband, until it discovered.

After the discovery, the first husband served a complaint against his lawful wife in at the Court in Kenitra and accusing her of having another husband, Al Massae.

He revealed that his wife, who is also his cousin, with a young farm worker from the same region was married after they had falsified documents which said that she was not married and had given them to the authorities.

Investigation showed that two other people were involved in the falsification of legal documents. Al Massae reports that the wife and the two other defendants in court will be heard.