Hundreds of unauthorized mosques authorities bring in embarrassment

The Minister of Islamic Affairs revealed that his Department had identified approximately 461 mosques under construction this year without the required permissions.

The problem of unauthorized mosques is back in the spotlight. The Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Tawfiq discussed the issue last week in Rabat, on the occasion of the celebration of the "day of mosques" during a religious ceremony at the Mohammed VI Institute for the training of Imams, Morchidines and Morchidates.

The Minister revealed that his Department had identified this year about 461 construction sites where mosques were built without permission, which the competent authorities in embarrassment. "We do not want to be forced to work on to suspend or to demolish unauthorized locations what anarchist is built," said the Minister. He gave the ball back to those responsible to oversee the building and to the contractors who must follow the laws in force.

The Minister also said that one should focus on the rehabilitation of old mosques. Because, explained the Minister, "the divine reward for the construction of a new mosque is equal to that which is awarded for the rehabilitation of a mosque that is threatened with collapse".

In addition, the Minister said that Morocco has 50,000 mosques in a total area of more than eight million m2, the largest area occupied by an institution, after living units.