International career: ' File Easton closed, switches made impossible '

A good line through the account for the attacker who also at Spain no view of a call or play minutes.

After last night his club to have the 3 points concerned personally against Málaga CF (ed. 1-0), we heard the news that Morocco also impossible in the future will have at its disposal the contract player of FC Barcelona.

The Moroccan media Lions de l'Atlas took namely contact highest sport Tribunal CAS. This informed them of the following: "The request made to us by Easton has been rejected, the CAS shares this advised that the matter is closed."

Thanks to the efforts of the Moroccan Football Federation found the 22-year-old striker of Deportivo Alavès the corridor to the CAS. With this statement seem the chances of a possible switch to the red and green of Morocco therefore miscalculated.

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