More than 8.5 tons kif seized in Chefchaouen and Ouezzane

There were five persons were arrested.

On Tuesday and Wednesday 18 and 19 december, the Royal Gendarmerie in Tetouan searches off at the Haouta-douars in Chefchaouen and Ain Ghayt in Ouezzane, resulting in the seizure of 8.5 tonnes granulate (granular) and 300 kg of kif kif in stems.

The first operation resulted in the seizure of 300 kg and 3.5 tonnes granulate kif kif in stems, as well as the arrest of 5 people involved. The second operation led to the seizure of 5 tonnes granulate kif whose owners still active.

By order of the competent public prosecutor accused the five were brought before the Court of first instance and the narcotic drugs were burned in the presence of an ad-hoc Committee.

The research is ongoing with the objective of identifying and questioning of possible accomplices.