More than 1.89 million traffic violations registered by DGSN in 2017

The number of traffic violations that have registered in the services of DGSN 2017, compared to 2016.

Traffic police departments of the Directorate-General for the national security (DGSN) reported 1.89 million traffic violations in 2017. And then we'll talk about all offences that are not but not been detected and/or registered!

This number comes from the annual reporting of the activities of 21.32% DGSN showing that this figure is higher than the year 2016 with an average of 160,000 violations each month. No explanation given in the report is how this increase. It is true that the end time to the DGSN kick is taken by Ha (the head of the DGSN) where there are more stringent action and corruption within their own ranks harder seems to be addressed. This may have contributed to that more fines were registered and violations less under the table were transacted.

In terms of control 127 large police checks were used during this year at the entrances and exits of cities. The elements that were deployed there, 5745 1.71 million vehicles checked and arrested people who were the subject of an arrest warrant or were involved in criminal acts.

With regard to road accidents registered DGSN 61,954 cases with bodily harm. A total of 908 deaths were registered in urban areas, down from 4.34% compared to 2016. In terms of serious injury it concerned 3682 cases, up from 6.51%, reports Lefr360.

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