How the world bank supports the agricultural sector in Morocco

Morocco and the world bank signed a loan agreement in Rabat by 200 million dollars.

Morocco and the world bank signed a loan agreement in Rabat Thursday of 200 million dollars to improve the performance of the agricultural sector.

Signed by the Minister of economy and finance, Mohamed Balhas, and the Regional Director of the world bank for the Maghreb, Françoise Marie-Nelly, wants this agreement pillar II of the Plan Maroc Vert by strengthening the competitiveness of the agro industry to improve and to increase the added value.

The aim is also to the interprofessional federations of the citrus and olive sector by giving them technical and financial support from them to open platforms with the aim to develop their value chain, the Moroccan news agency MAP.

The agreement is also aimed at small and medium-sized producers to integrate into a fast-growing and demanding agro voedingsmarkt by investing more in food processing facilities, in cooperation with the Agricultural ontwikkelingsfonds. It also aims at facilitating the management of new wholesale markets to modernise and to improve access to market pricing information by means of information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency and transparency of the market in fruit and vegetables sector.

In a statement to the press praising Françoise Marie-Nelly Maroc Vert and the results of the Plan noted that the importance of the signed agreement is located in the support of small farmers in Morocco. The agreement aims to improve productivity by small farmers to encourage internal and external market standards to strengthen their sales and export capacity, she added.

Mohamed Balhas said on his part that relations between Morocco and the world bank are excellent, as evidenced by the support of this Institute at different structuring projects carried out by the Kingdom, including the Plan Maroc Vert.

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