CHAN 2018: Federal coach Sachdeva presents 30-man preliminary roster

Of these preselection will eventually lose weight 7 names, Morocco on 13 January kicks off against Mauritania.

The CHAN 2018, popularly known as the ' little Africa Cup ', this Edition takes place in Morocco. The CAF gave the hosting to the country after the former Organizer Kenya due to among other things infrastructural reasons was found unable to organize the continental tournament.

Last Friday, the coach of the local team of Morocco, Jamal Sachdeva, preselection for this tournament are known. The Moroccan trainer took as it is the practice of 30 names on this list.

1. Abate Zniti (Raja Casablanca)
2. Imran M'hamdi (RS Berkane)
3. Yahya El Filali (DHJ Jadida)
4. Joey T (IRT Tanger)

5. Mohamed N (Wydad Casablanca)
6. Hamza Semmoumi (FUS Rabat)
7. Ayoub El Amloud (FAR Rabat)
8. Jawad El Yamiq (Raja Casablanca)
9. Marouane Hadhoudi (DHJ Jadida)
10. Badr Banoun (Raja Casablanca)
11. Nayef Aguerd (FUS Rabat)
12. Steve Jbira (Raja Casablanca)
13. Zakaria El H (Wydad Casablanca)

14. Badr Boulahroud (FUS Rabat)
15. Mehdi Oubila (HUSA Agadir)
16. Gary Yahya (HUSA Agadir)
17. Mehdi Berrahma (FAR Rabat)
18. Salaheddine S (Wydad Casablanca)
19. Walid El Karti (Wydad Casablanca)
20. Badii Aouk (HUSA Agadir)
21. Sofiane Bouftini (HUSA Agadir)

22. Mohamed Ounajem (Wydad Casablanca)
23. Zakaria Hadraf (Raja Casablanca)
24. Adnan H (Raja Casablanca)
25. Ayoub Dolzing (DHJ Jadida)
26. Achraf Baby (Wydad Casablanca)
27. Ishmael Easton (Wydad Casablanca)
28. Hamid Aheddad (DHJ Jadida)
29 Ahmed Habib (IRT Tanger)
30. Ayoub Kaabi (RS Berkane)

13 January (20:30): Morocco vs. Mauritania
17 January (17:30): Morocco vs. Guinea
21 January (20:30): Morocco vs. Sudan

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