What ' small fines ' can the Moroccan citizen soon expect more? (video)

For quite some time anchored in the law, but still not implemented: all the ' possible ' upcoming fines in Morocco.

The recently conducted in the traffic penalty for failing to use the crosswalk did a lot of buzz in Morocco. Both pedestrians and motorists will have to believe in the coming period, in case of non-use of this tool can both road users, traffic fines. However, there is also the chance that one soon on some other offences goes.

The law became effective in 2008 but will soon come into force. Offenders may fines ranging from 50 to 100 dirham,. Managers of public places will be in non-compliance with the measure deeper in the pouch must grope: hefty fines of up to 1000 dirham.

Behavior of the citizen what mostly the streets provides in Morocco, those who are here can make a guilty in fine of 100 dirhams.

[video = youtube; N9dEzhVglhg] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 23 & v = N9dEzhVglhg [/video]