Rotterdam: Men held on suspicion of terrorism

Police have arrested four men Sunday in Rotterdam on suspicion of involvement in terrorism.

It comes to men from Vlaardingen (21), Delft (30) and Gouda (23) and a 29-year-old Swede.

Information of a foreign police office about possible involvement in terrorism by the Swede led to an investigation in Netherlands. According to a spokesman for the national Office of the there was no concrete indication for an attack. "But in preventing a terror attack and the police to take no risk at all. A clue may be enough to intervene, "said the spokesman.

The man from Sweden came Sunday afternoon with a flight from Stockholm. He is shortly afterwards with the three others arrested.

After the arrest of the men are searched four houses in Vlaardingen (2), Delft and Gouda. There are no weapons or explosives were found. Well there is seized on data carriers that continue to be examined.

The four men are stuck and are interrogated by the police.