Terrorism: 7 people arrested in Fez

There were also 4 people arrested yesterday in the South of the country.

The security and intelligence service BCIJ and the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) have arrested several people suspected of links with terrorist organisations in Fez and the South of Morocco.

An operation performed by the men of Abdellatif Ha in the Jnanat and Zouagha areas of Fez led to the arrest of seven suspected terrorists, the newspaper Assabah today message.

Yesterday morning did BCIJ also some related affairs m.b.t. terrorism arrests in the South of the country. In Ait Melloul they arrested two young students who are studying at the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the Ibn Zohr has Agadir University, reports Lefr360. A young person who in Azrou-district in Inezgane lives and another person in a mobile phone shop in the province of Chtouka AIT Baha works both were also arrested. All four are suspected of having links with terrorist organisations.

ait melloul