Germany builds in Morocco returned reception centres for minors

Noteworthy, but completely legal immigration policy.

Each European country currently has her hands full to the immigration flow which came from all over the world. Also the incoming, mostly minors, require policy group Moroccans. In Germany, this migration flow to one of the larger in addition to the expected flows from the Middle East anyway. To reduce those numbers somewhat to one is in Germany recently with very remarkable immigration policy under way.

The medium Welt am Sonntag know on the basis of a report to report that there are now 2 reception centres operating returned to minor immigrants in their own country. These reception centres shall be construed as sustainable means of relating to young people in a place in the Moroccan society, to help. Activities and projects that are being cared for are:
1. guidance of social workers
2. a variety of educational opportunities
3. attempts do to reunion with the own family as possible

To what is now known the 2 shelters offer a capacity for a total of 200 minors. From the statements of the German Government is not entirely clear how long will this project.

angela merkel