Tetuan: ' 143 cases of marriages with underage girls '

Ytto Foundation recently did set out the State of marrying minors in and around coastal town of Tetouan.

A common symptom is also in Tetouan in Morocco and surroundings. The Foundation Ytto recently did research on the number of cases of underage girls who are already married. From the released report is clear that last year alone, 143 of these marriages are consummated. In addition, the investigation revealed that no less than 174 527 of the surveyed girls indicated there in principle for open. The main motive for those still early choice was given was the presence of poverty or the little prospect of work.

From more than half of the calls also showed that girls ' forced ' had to terminate their studies prematurely to marry. Another common fact is that the group after basic education stops and stays home until the person arrives.