Premier League: Balding approached after pouncing provides against Tottenham Hotspur (video)

Baldwin does not score often, but when they fall, they are usually very nice hits.

This afternoon Moroccan-international Sofiane Ball for the first time in a long while once again kick-off appear. His class had the 24-year-old attacker not much in against the Supreme Tottenham Hotspur, whose offensive for the most part was determined by star player Harry Kane. Nevertheless, it was Baldwin who first what to the score history could do on behalf of his club: of the 2 hits from Southampton he took the first.

The meeting finally ended in 5-2, after this zeperd are Baldwin and co. can be found on the 14th place in the Premier League.

[video = youtube; jNzUtI-xA20] time_continue = 34 & v = jNzUtI-xA20 [/video]

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