Of Morocco to Turkey: the story of Chris A.k.a Boulhous (video)

The Moroccan Sunday is in Turkey through the Erasmus programme ' European Voluntary Service ' + (EVS).

With European voluntary service (EVS) can young people abroad participate in volunteer projects. If EVS volunteer are you going to help an organization abroad. For example, youth work, cultural activities, social projects or environmental protection. It is full-time work and you'll earn no money.

Volunteering takes at least 2 weeks and up to 12 months. There are volunteer projects in both Erasmus + programme countries and partner countries. So you can go do volunteer work outside Europe.

What you will learn and reached, recorded and recognised throughout Europe thanks to Youthpass certificates. More info on EVS you can read here: Who knows it is also called what for you!

Chris is just from Morocco arrived in Turkey, he talks about his experience so far and is widely praised Turkey and the Turkish people.

[video = youtube; wk5LzDnsMa4] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = wk5LzDnsMa4 [/video]

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