Khaled Meshaal thanks King Mohammed VI for the support to Al Quds (video)

The former leader of Hamas is for a two-day visit in Morocco.

Khaled Meshaal, leader of the Palestinian Hamas movement, yesterday thanked King Mohammed VI today for his support of al-Quds after the controversial decision by the US Government to the Holy City as the capital of Israel.

"I thank the King that he has opened the doors of Morocco me, especially when he heard that I would visit the Kingdom. I'm glad I'm in Morocco, a country we love, "he said when he arrived at the headquarters of the party of Justice and development (PJD) in the district Orangers in Rabat, where delegates of the Party welcomed him.

Meshaal confirmed that he, in addition to the head of the Government S Eddine El Othmani, in Rabat will also come together with the leaders of different political parties. There is organized a dinner in his honour tonight, he will be received by the Presidents of the House of representatives and the House of Councillors, Habib El Malki and Hakim Benchemass.

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