Casablanca: two women hit by tram

Two women were Tuesday hit by the tram at the station "Cité de l'air ' in Casablanca, reported RATP Dev.

The accident occurred yesterday at the beginning of the evening when a woman another woman in a wheelchair pushed crossed the tram tracks, next to the station "Cité de l'air", said the RATP Dev in a statement. RATP Dev is the company responsible for the tram network in the metropolis.

Despite the use of the emergency brake, the tram the two women still hit, added the statement, noting that the intervention teams of RATP Dev, as well as the police and the emergency services "were sent quickly to the scene of the accident".

The two women were taken to hospital and the tram traffic on the line was 30 minutes after the accident.

RATP Dev reiterated that it is important the rules of the highway code and road signs to respect by all road users (motorists, bikers, bikes, pedestrians), as well as the need to show a caution around tram platforms.

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