1439:32,000 places for Moroccan Hajj pilgrims

Monday took place in Mecca a gathering spot for the preparations for the upcoming Hajj.

The services received during the next season of Hadj 1439 (2018) to Moroccan pilgrims will be offered, were on the menu of a meeting that took place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This work session took place between the Director Islamic Affairs at the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs and head of the Department of Moroccan Pelgrimzaken, Ahmed Qastas, and the Chairman of the Board of Arab pilgrims assistants, Abbas QATan, and was aimed to examine the facilities that need to be taken for the benefit of the Moroccan pilgrims to the Hajj season to succeed.

"The number of Moroccan pilgrims for the next Hajj season is estimated at 32,000," said Qastas in a statement to the press, which was passed by the Saudi News Agency, noting that Saudi Arabia is working on improving the services that are offered to pilgrims.