Jerada: call for general strike this Friday

Political and trade union organisations last night launched a call for a general strike for Friday in Jerada.

Political and trade union organisations last night launched a call for a general strike for Friday (29 december) in Jerada, after the death of two miners at the collapse of an illegal my .

They demand "an economic alternative" for the region Jerada and dispute "the high cost of water and electricity bills," according to a joint statement by the organizations.

Behind the call for a general strike, the Democratic Confederation of labour (CDT, left), the Moroccan Labour Union (UMT, independent), the Democratic Labour Federation (FDT), the Trade Union of the Al Adl Wal Krishna movement, the Federation of The democratic left (FGD), the Moroccan Association for human rights (AMDH) and the National Federation of education (FNE).

The city Jerada is historically known for its coal mining since the years 1920 was operated. The mines of Jerada formed a source of activity for the inhabitants of the city before their closure in July 2000 as a result of the increase in the cost of extraction, which more and more untenable in the light of the international price.

The President of the Oriental region, Phil Baid, acknowledges in an interview with Lefr360 that the great challenge for the city Jerada is to find ways to create jobs.

In recent years the city has experienced a change in the infrastructure, but because of the lack of attraction for investors is the issue of employment is not resolved.

However, there is an undeniable potential, particularly in the agricultural sector, which in the short term, a quick solution might be, until other, more structural pathways are found.

"The only solution for the city is a return to the origin, using the agricultural potential," said Phil Baid. What the mines is concerned, "we wait for the results of the studies of the supervisory Ministry to know if they can still be exploited and create jobs for the young people of the city", he concludes.

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