Ka finds her stolen bicycle thanks to the mobilization of internet users (video)

A happy ending to the story of Kabir Abbad, a disabled girl whose special bicycle was stolen.

Humayun Kabir is a young high school student with a physical disability, living in Hay Mohammadi in Casablanca with her mother, grandmother and little sister.

A few days ago launched Ka a call on the internet for its specially adapted bicycle. A bike that they had gotten of her late father and that was stolen. Her was massively shared by internet users in both Morocco and abroad.

A few days later and thanks to a huge mobilization of the Moroccan community, the young woman finally her bike back, as can be seen in this report produced Hespress.

[video = youtube; 8zWtn8nKOFg] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 8zWtn8nKOFg [/video]

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