A second Chinese industrial complex in Morocco (video)

China Morocco has informed about his desire to soon have a large industrial complex in the Kingdom.

China Morocco has informed about his desire to be a large industrial complex in the Kingdom soon to realize, next to that of Tanger, and to several companies to install, said Hakim Baby, speaker of the House of Councillors ( House of Lords) in an interview with Le360.

"China wants to create an industrial hub of Morocco for its exports to Europe and Africa," said Hakim Baby, who last week a delegation of parliamentarians and CGEM-members (General Confederation of businesses in Morocco) led in Beijing. "A delegation of Chinese employers is expected in the coming weeks in Morocco to lay the groundwork for this important project."

A China/Morocco parliamentary group sees the light soon, according to Baby. Mary Jane Hifdi, Advisor to the CGEM in Parliament, has in turn announced that the Chinese Government is already a Chinese Fund has created especially for companies that want to trade with Morocco.

"In this context we will soon organise a economic forum in Morocco," he said.

[video = youtube; KZ_WN_RxCfA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 1 & v = KZ_WN_RxCfA [/video]