Earl and Balla: ' Moroccans are at all levels the tastemakers '

The two former internationals of the current Moroccan Morocco look satisfied as the information goes off in the modern professional football.

In an in-depth interview with the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad conducted by journalist Sjoerd Mahaseth, Driss Boussatta and Ali El Khattabi quiet at the present Moroccan football talent in Netherlands. A development that every football connoisseur not gone unnoticed. The current Moroccan education has emerged as true taste maker on the Dutch fields, a fact which is also both former national team-players.

"The whole composition of the selection has changed tremendously," said Balla. "In the past you had really groups formation in Morocco. Cables, as you also at Oranje had with the Surinamese players. Berbers, or guys who in Europe were growing up, were only accepted within the team. You just counted along as you Arabic or French. "

Ali elkhattabi had the honor of being the first Moroccan Dutchman to be active on a World Cup. Earl played at the time of this unique phenomenon in the colors of sc Heerenveen. About his first World Cup action he says the following: "we had a good group, I never felt left out, but I know those stories of others. I spoke only English, two guys in our team spoke German, that I understood a little bit. Now that is no longer. By far most playing football in Europe, many there grew up. That is reflected to the team: it's very, very disciplined attaches too. "

Apart from the look back both ex-professional footballers among other things also analyze the current state of the Moroccan football opposite that of Orange. For the full interview