Paris: Moroccan minors sleep in washing machines

A photo posted on social media shows Moroccan minors who sleep in washing machines in Paris.

Christine, a 53-year-old French woman published last Friday on Twitter and instagram a photo with teens, rolled up or elongated in washing machines.

"This is the first time I've seen this in twelve years. It hit me, I found it shocking to see these young migrants, of which at least one was asleep, in this situation. When I showed this picture to my area, I got the advice to post it on social media, because it touches ", she told to .

At the installed photo she explained that the children were looking for some heat in the drums. During this Christmas weekend were many internet users through the scene.

"People have been asking me how they can help and clothing can bring," said Christine. "I was also treated to hateful comments, people told me that they just had to send you home."

Behind the photo is a familiar situation for the inhabitants of the district. Originally from Morocco roam the so-called "lost children" for two years on the streets of La Goutte d'Or, they do not speak French and are mostly drug addicted. In november estimated the Chief of police, Michel Delpuech, 80 minors in this situation that there are in this district north of Paris.

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