N: how one of the largest Moroccan drug lords could escape

The remarkable escape seems like the story from a bad movie.

Three gendarmes under the regional command of the Royal Gendarmerie of Meknes will in the first week of January for the Court in Nador should appear by order of the Attorney General of the King of the same city. The last oversaw a research which showed that they the escape of one of the biggest drug lords had facilitated, post the daily newspaper Assabah today.

The drug Lord was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in a case involving 40 tons of drugs in Bir-Jdid was confiscated. He is also the subject of arrest warrants for other matters relating to international drug trafficking, which he remarkably from the prison.

Assabah writes that the drug Lord in prison his verdict in the Toulal prison in Meknes. Accused of 2 other drugs handelszaken, with another 25 tons of drugs was confiscated, he had to be transferred to the prison in Nador in order for the Attorney General to appear. Two gendarmes, including an officer, were in charge of guiding him in a private car. However, before he arrived in Nador, told the drug Lord that he wanted to see his wife and children. This reason the gendarmes in the direction of the region Amjaou Gni Said, in dels angels. They even took off his handcuffs and gave him a telephone to call his wife.

The gendarmes accompanied him when going home and waited outside in the car. After one and a half hours of waiting, they knocked on the door to ask where he remained. It was the wife of drug baron who opened the door for them to explain them mockingly that their prisoner had fled. Realizing their plight, beat the gendarmes alarm and called in the help of the police brigade in Dack.

Despite the reinforcements the fugitive was not found. Maybe he even leave the national territory, however, say the researchers who report the serious errors during this operation. First of all, the Commander of the brigade in Meknes gave permission to a dangerous classified prisoner in a private vehicle to transport and just two gendarmes to that mission. In addition, one wonders whether the remarkable favors which the prisoner got without any compensation (kickbacks) were carried out. Both the two gendarmes as the Commander of the brigade will be in Court next week to answer.

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