Transfer Talks: ' three clubs from La Liga interested in T '

At Genoa CFC has recovered the ball juggler the pleasure in football, and there are several clubs now witness.

Still as property of the Portuguese SL Benfica, can T look out on a possible winter departure. The now 28-year-old Moroccan international can post back in ' the picture being hit ' at the national team also rely on interest from clubs that want to strengthen themselves with him. If we are to believe the Portuguese medium O Jogo then these are not the least clubs from La Liga: Sevilla, Villareal and Valencia CF the attacker would like to bows.

As said, T still under contract with SL Benfica, the club that has him currently rented to Genoa CFC. In the lease is also an option to buy stipulated, for €7 million euros should the Serie A-formation finally take over him. In Portugal is still T until mid-2020.

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