60,000 police officers deployed before the end of the year in Morocco

During the turn of the year there is a heightened state of alert to prevent violence and terrorist attacks.

According to some 60,000 policemen will on the eve of the year 2018 in Morocco are put in.

Panorapost quotes a police source where Mowatine has included contact and who confirmed that even students of police schools on the day will be mobilized.

This safety device, which acts as a preventive measure, will be deployed throughout Morocco; in towns and cities but also and above all where the risk is highest because there are a lot of people congregate, particularly around tourist venues.

Special units will also be on site, but will be concentrated in larger cities, where the risk of violence is greater.

This exceptional security measures have been taken with a view to the growing attraction to vacationers who come celebrate the new year in Morocco, especially in large cities such as Marrakech. Marrakech not only attracts domestic and foreign tourists, as well as international personalities.

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