Reform of the Moroccan education: the draft law is (finally) ready

The first problem that the Government will tackle in 2018, is education reform.

Saad Eddine El Othmani had it a few weeks ago already announced and it is now ready. The draft law on education, training and scientific research has been completed. It should be reviewed and approved by members of the Executive Council during the first Government of the year 2018, scheduled on January 4.

This text is especially important for the reform of the education, because this a legal framework which guarantees the continuity to 2030. And this is precisely one of the shortcomings which so far has been identified and that led to inefficient earlier reforms. With every new Government was almost a completely new vision drawn up, without the previous was completed. That will now history and the current reform will be continued by the implementation of the same law.

As a reminder, the work on this draft law in 2015 started and have seized more than two years.

In the same Government Council will also treat two draft decrees. The first describes the procedure for the granting of financial support with the aim to improve agricultural production. The second text is a decree implementing Law 46.02 on the tobacco law.