The girl born with two heads ' helped ' by a benefactor

The story of the baby "born with two heads" in the Souissi-Rabat hospital gets a happy ending.

According to Alyaoum24 suffered the girl to a tumor that took the form of an extra head (the pronunciation "born with two heads" was done by the parents of the girl herself). A very rare case and very difficult for her family that the surgical procedures that were needed to help their daughter could not pay.

By the mass dissemination of the story of the baby on social networks can be operated on the young Aya now anyway by the donation of a benefactor. The baby is to the Sheik Zayd-hospital, where they will undergo the first checks.

As a reminder, the price of the surgery was estimated at 180,000 dirham. A very modest amount that the family, which lives in a slum in Skhirate, could not pay.