Kim Jong-un: button for nuclear weapons is ready

The United States can never start a war against North Korea, said the North Korean leader.

The United States can never start a war against North Korea, now that country has the possibility to reach the entire continental us with nuclear weapons. The, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Monday in his new year's speech on the North Korean television said.

"The entire United States are within reach of our nuclear weapons and the button is ready on my desk. That's not a threat, but a fact, "said Kim Jong-un. "We will use the weapons only if our security is at stake."

Although the North Korean leader stressed that it is important to reduce the tensions in the region, he announced that the country is the current year will focus on the production of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles "employability".

Kim finds that both North and South Korea should do its best to create a peaceful environment on the Korean peninsula. He's considering a delegation to the Olympics in February in Pyeongchang in South Korea.

"The participation of North Korea to the Winter Games will be a good opportunity to show the unity of our people and we hope that the games are a success," he said. "Diplomats of both countries must quickly talk about that possibility".

The South Korean president Moon Jae-in had already said that the participation of North Korea will contribute to the safety of the plays of Pyeongchang. He had last month proposed that the Governments in Seoul and Washington postpone major military exercises until after the games.