Teens stairs, hitting and spitting on Muslim woman who wears hijab in New York

The woman was also been part for her country ' to ' terrorist who must return.

The police reports that a 51-year-old woman with a hijab is attacked by a group of teenage girls in downtown Brooklyn, reports . The woman, Souad Kirama, was in a Panera-restaurant, where she said the attack took place.

In a Kirama said that she "viciously was attacked by a bunch of teenagers".

"They attacked me, beat me in each other and people just stood there, looking how I was beaten, a" f-----g terrorist ' was called, and no one did anything. Nothing. No one came for me on ", she said.

Kirama said the teens in the misdroegen restaurant and a chandelier swung. When she asked them to calm down, Kirama said that they are against her, called her a terrorist and told her to go back to her country before she kicked, beat and spat on her.

The hate crimes Division of the New York City Police Department is investigating the incident.

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