Column: ' the final World Cup selection of Renard to FIFA '

There beautiful times to break for the Moroccan football, but also decisive for all the key players in this World Cup qualifying.

The year 2017 we have already several hours behind us in football terms, a very nice year for Morocco. The year in which the negative series of 20 year absence on the world football stage was broken and in which also in structure a nice basis is laid for the future. A promising development, however concerns whether there is one where we should not lean. Morocco thrives, and will over the next few years certainly are going to do, on a very strong and high-quality football generation. The Medhi Benatia, Younès arrived internationals as Belhanda, Nabil Dirar, Marouane Chamakh are all or come quickly at the end of their wits, thing is to have a new nuclear in the near future to select bearing to go players and shapes. The most obvious names for me are now under other Wqa H, Sofiane Balding, Hakim Ziyech, Sofyan Amrabat and last but not least Zakaria Labyad: opgeleefde the key player of the strong FC Utrecht where a Dutch top Club in the near future with it goes.

In one of my previous pieces I made the comparison though, now I do it for convenience only once: the few views to sporting success where Morocco for years, now seems about to be fanned to the always so high-quality orange. The fact alone that the ' rough diamonds ' Sofyan Amrabat and Hakim Ziyech ignoring the KNVB for Moroccan football country shows how bad the State of the Dutch national football team. However, I am firmly convinced that the Orange Lion soon go return the favour in future on the international football stage. That the level of the NFL and its representative teams so backwards is gone is twofold: firstly, the much lesser information for internationals, the other determining factor is the administrative turmoil in Zeist. Two things that just need time and technical effort, Orange will recover!

For the one a wonderful group with many soccer challenge, for the other, are the 3 competitions where you must hold your heart at. For me its the weather 3 beautiful posters where I at every conceivable result (slaughter or gala performance) will have peace with it. When the ticket with ' Morocco ' rolled out the tube, the latest addition to the ' group of death ' B, I hit myself right away for my head: the thought that you are finally in and immediately concludes that the 3 matches will be and that the selection with the Royal Air Maroc unit back, however, made that thought quickly place Mag. for the beautiful story of an outsider that international football audience may surprise you. We are in a really tough group, the football miracles are still not out of the world. For example, during the World Cup of 2014, there was one team that stole my heart and that was Algeria. Both in the group phase as during the nerve-racking round of 16 against current reigning world champion Germany, which they dragged in the extension, I had great admiration for them. A good example what once again shows that you're having a whole other high eyes also can throw at the world's biggest football event.

But before that we have a pre-selection, a final list to internationals. A few weeks before the first group match of the Lions v/d Atlas (15 June against Iran in St Petersburg) will coach Hervé Renard that 23-man list to be submitted to FIFA. The exercise posters against Serbia and Uzbekistan sparring partners form a nice measuring point to the current selection in action, in addition will no doubt also have new names. The most troublesome balancing of Ra is in my opinion the draw from the Eredivisie. The current selection is already, I'm going to use the word anyway, pretty ' Orange-tinted ' and that choice has the national coach has not yet devastated. After the winter break will show which player, from what competition, the hardest knocks at the Frenchman. Because a place in this World Cup selection, there you will have to do your best for. Though it is only because of the effort that the fellow internationals have made to this World Cup dream.

Story to be continued ...