Parliament launches inquiry to imported Italian waste in Morocco

The Inquiry Committee has been established after about 2500 tonnes of waste was imported from Italy in Morocco.

The lower House of Parliament has an investigative committee formed for the case involving Italian waste in Morocco was imported, what great anger and indignation has provided for the Moroccan population.

According to various sources, this parliamentary Committee of inquiry under the chairmanship of Ahmed Touizi. The Commission of inquiry is going to interviews with different personalities and stakeholders involved in the importation of waste from abroad.

Hakima El Juergen is one of those who will have to explain why, how and who has given permission for the importation of about 2500 tons of waste from Italy. She was Deputy to 2017 at the Department of energy, mines, Water and environment, responsible for Environmental Affairs in Morocco.

On 27 december, would this Committee of inquiry from Tuesday 2 January with its work should start to its conclusions within a period of up to three months, gives H24Info.