CHAN 2018: ' premium of 500,000 dirham per Moroccan-international to title '

The 23-strong group of players can look forward to an interesting premium when the trophy in their own country.

If the local team of Jamal Sachdeva conquered the trophy, then the Group of players a hefty reward. Several Moroccan sources, including, report that the Moroccan Federation FRMF a significant amount has reserved for the Lions v/d Atlas (only internationals from the Botola Pro). It would reportedly going to 500,000 dirham per international, an amount which a welcome complement to the income of the Botola Pro-internationals.

The tournament takes place from 13th January to 4 February and knows the participation of a total of 16 countries. Host country Morocco is as obviously placed in Group A, the group stage for these countries (Sudan, Mauritania and Guinea) is at the Stade Mohammed V in Casablanca. Since yesterday is the selection of national coach Sadeghi with the preparation to the gang, of the current 26 selected internationals will end up 3.

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