Saad Eddine El Othmani sends ministerial delegation to Jerada

After more than a week of demonstrations left a ministerial delegation to Jerada.

After more than a week of daily demonstrations in Jerada, a ministerial delegation comprising the Minister of energy, mines and sustainable development Aziz Rebbah and the Minister of transport and logistics Abdelkader Amara to the city. They come to forecast tonight and will start work tomorrow. They will examine the current situation and start looking for an alternative way of development for the region.

At the demonstrations in Jerada calls for ' economic alternative "for the illegal exploitation of coal. Faced with this tense atmosphere, blending officials at the highest level to the crisis. So was there on Monday in Rabat a meeting held between the head of Government and the elected officials of the party of Justice and development (PJD) in Jerada.

Last Saturday was a meeting between the Wali of the Oriental, the Governor of the province of Jerada, local elected officials, trade unions and representatives of civil society, boycotted by some locally elected officials of some political parties and other representatives of civil society such as the Moroccan Association of human rights (AMDH). At the demonstrations there begins to arise between divisions young independent activists on one side and members of political parties and trade union members on the other side.

The demonstrations in Jerada have started since the death of two miners Hamlyn and Jedouane Dioui (23 and 30 years old) on Friday 22 december at the collapse of an illegal mine.

The city is historically known for its coal mining since the years 1920 was operated. The mines of Jerada formed a source of activity for the inhabitants of the city before their closure in July 2000 as a result of the increase in the cost of extraction, which more and more untenable in the light of the international price. However, poverty in Jerada is so high and employment so low, that the local population feels compelled to illegal exploitation of the mines.

el othmani