Ouarzazate: Man arrested for kidnapping of American woman

State-of-the-art work of the security services who were able to locate the woman quickly.

The judicial police of Ouarzazate arrested yesterday evening a man because of his alleged involvement in a case of kidnapping and violence on an American citizen, reports a statement by the Directorate-General for the national Security (DGSN).

Monday afternoon the national security service in Ouarzazate a phone call from the city of Salé, of a person who indicated that they had received an e-mail from an American citizen they knew and which it said it was being held and subject to violence by a person in a house in Ouarzazate.

The statement by DGSN notes that the research carried out by the security services, supported by scientific and technical expertise, have made it possible to find the place where the victim (61 years old) was detained and to the suspect arrest.

According to the first elements of the investigation accompanied the man the victim in the hotel where she lived before her a few days ago to a rented apartment in the city of Ouarzazate. The 29-year-old man then prevented the victim to leave the House and abused her.

The accused is subject to a judicial inquiry under the supervision of the competent parquet to the ins and outs of this case, concluded the statement.