Education: Government El Othmani is playing with fire

The Government headed by El Othmani prepares for the levying of tuition fees for students in public schools.

"The Government of El Othmani puts the final nail in the coffin of public education", writes the daily newspaper Al Akhbar that refers to a Bill to impose tuition for students to access specific training cycles, both on the secondary schools and colleges.

This is a serious blow to the free public education and students with a modest background will be the first to suffer, said Al Akhbar.

Al Massae, who writes on the same subject, approaches from a different angle. The newspaper believes that the draft law in the first place aims to create order in the lawlessness that prevails in the private education sector.

According to Al Massae would the goal be to fees (monthly payments) for private schools and to offer preferential rates to students with a modest background.

The Moroccan education remains a major problem, it still has to find a balance between the expensive private sector for part of the Moroccans and the public education system that fails on all sides. The High Council for education and training has been working for several years to find the best way to public schools to resuscitate.

The draft law will be reviewed and approved by members of the Executive Council during the first Government of the year 2018, scheduled on January 4.