Palestinians: Al Quds is not for sale

The Palestinians have denied a threat from Donald Trump.

The US president warned that he could tap the money to cut off the Palestinian administration. "Al Quds is not for sale," said a spokesman for president Mahmoud Abbas.

The United States announced Tuesday to more than 211 million in aid to Pakistan to withdraw because the country according to Washington not cooperating fully in the fight against terrorism. "Pakistan is not the only country where we have billions of dollars to pay for nothing. So every year we give hundred millions to the Palestinians but get no appreciation or respect in return ", tweeted Trump.

"We have Jerusalem, the most difficult point, slid off the table but we must now going to talk about peace. The Palestinians want no more. Why should we spend so much money on them in the future? "

The informant of Abbas suggested in turn that the Palestinians indeed are willing to negotiate, but that the starting point must be that a Palestinian State is set up within the borders of 1967. If Washington like to want peace, according to the spokesperson must meet those Palestinian desire.

From u.s. Government figures show that the US the past decade an average of around 400 million dollars a year did March forth for economic assistance to the Palestinians. That money went to the Palestinian administration of Abbas and projects of the American Agency for development assistance (USAID).

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