Merzouga: an attack aimed at tourists narrowly avoided thanks to gendarmie

The Royal Gendarmerie could with a tactical operation in the tourist complex in Merzouga a deposits.

An attack on foreign tourists that the new year in a tourist complex in celebrated Merzouga, was narrowly averted after an operation by the Royal Gendarmerie in the area. Five people were arrested in different parts of the resort in the evening of 31 december 2017 on 1 January 2018.

According to Al Akhbar attacked the elements of the Royal Gendarmerie previously the House of an extremist, the brains of the operation. They managed to seize books and CDs whose contents to a violent jihad. In addition, the gendarmes a smartphone to pack carefully in a pillow in the bedroom was hidden.

The Royal Gendarmerie, supported by elements of local police, conducted a tactical operation to arrest the five people that had spread in the different tents of the complex. The five people were hoping to attack as many tourists, mainly Germans, Americans, French and Italians.

To prevent panic among the tourists, the elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, in consultation with the managers of the complex, the electricity out and did it occur that this was due to a failure of the generators. In addition, the managers of the complex the tourists from that the presence of the gendarmes was part of the routine tasks in the region were carried out.