Marrakech: Police Inspector threatens with suicide on roof of police station

Images of the distraught man were soon shared on social media.

A police inspector, who is working in the 14th precinct of Marrakech, is transferred to the Department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital (CHU) of the city, after he showed signs of mental disorders and threatened suicide committing, reported a statement by the Directorate General of national security (DGNS).

The police inspector himself threatened by the roof of the building by the police prefecture of Marrakech, before the security services started negotiations with him, with the assistance of a psychologist and a doctor. Thanks to this intervention was to prevent the police inspector committed suicide, DGSN reported in the statement.

An administrative inquiry was opened by the services of the police prefecture of Marrakech at the ins and outs of this incident close to clarify the statement.

There were images shared on facebook by the police inspector on the roof, clearly distraught condition.

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