Driving test centre in Meknes gets sanctions imposed

The Ministry of transportation announced earlier there will be enforced more strictly by the law.

Najib Boulif, the Secretary of State in charge of transport, a Committee of inquiry to a driving test centre yesterday in Meknes.

During this inspection visit were different overruns noted in the driving license exam. The investigation showed that 90% of the candidates to obtain the driving licence in Meknes does not have the necessary conditions for the tests. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of transportation had some candidates shorter deadlines than the legal deadline for the license tests.

The principals are immediately fired and there is an investigation going on to determine how these overruns have been able to take place. In addition to their dismissal risking the officers legal prosecution if it turns out that the dysfunctions in the Centre are severe.

According to the same source makes this decision part of the new measures to the conditions for obtaining a driving licence to improve and the number of traffic accidents in the Kingdom.

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