CNN place Essaouira on list of cities to visit in 2018

The American news channel CNN placed Essaouira on the list of 18 destinations that in 2018 should be visited.

The channel emphasises the fishing harbour that contributes to the reputation of this coastal city. They also note that Essaouira is one of the few places where scenes from the famous Game Of Thrones series are without the city thereby is affected. The city has managed to retain its own identity.

CNN also notes that Essaouira has remained discreet, while other destinations in Morocco as Marrakech, Agadir or Casablanca more in the foreground, gives Lefr360.

The city is also positioned as a place for surfers looking for beautiful waves. This is not the first time that CNN is interested in the qualities of Essaouira on this area, since they had already described the city in 2016 as an adrenaline-paradise for surfers.

In the list of 18 destinations that CNN recommends to visit in 2018, Essaouira shares the spotlight with Cape Verde, the Botum Sakor National Park of Cambodia and Crete.