Moroccan-Dutch hero Achraf Sabry elected Utrechter of the year

Achraf saved earlier this year a woman after that with her car in the ditch.

The 26-year-old Achraf Sabry reed in July this year with his wife and children on the N210 between Nieuwegein, IJsselstein and when they saw how a car ran off the road and ended up upside down in the ditch. Achraf immediately jumped in the water and his wife Nathalie rang the emergency services, while they remained with her children in the neighborhood. Achraf was made after some time searching the woman on the back seat of her car that still jutted above the water and helped her on dry land.

For those heroes Act was nominated for ' Utrechter Wqa by the AD of the year ' and yesterday it was announced that he has also won that election!

"I found already nominated a price, because it's not going to win. I am very happy with it, "said Achraf against the . "I doubted not", Wqa looked back. "At such a moment, there is no time. I didn't think about whether the water was dirty or cold. I did it spontaneously, because if I can help someone, I do it. So am I brought up. "

Achraf gave to the AD to hope that – partly because of the publicity about his rescue-people have more eye for each other in emergency situations. "Help each other. You can also a times need help. And though the fire department there within ten minutes, then it could be too late. "

Achraf's woman also had a special message for all readers of "Yess! My husband, Sankaralingam Sabry is officially ' Utrechter by the year 2017 ' unwise So proud! A smile from ear to ear thanks dear people have voted on which Achraf! "

We say: congratulations Achraf!

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