Sebta: fall of unauthorised crossing of the border in 2017

The number of illegal migrants that in 2017 the border at Sebta passed is lower than the previous year.

The authorities in Sebta recently announced that a total of 2,252 migrants, most of whom come from sub-Saharan Africa, have managed the city in 2017 to enter illegally from Morocco, 13.8% less than in 2016.

According to data from the there are 1,613 migrants South of the Sahara, 126 513 Algerians and people of different nationalities, mainly Asians, illegal arrivals.

1,130 sub-Saharan migrants reach by the border to force Sebta knew; the others came in on board a boat or hiding in the bottom of a vehicle.

All over the Spanish territory reached approximately 22,900 spoken illegal migrants in Spain 2017, more than doubling compared to 2016.

This is the conclusion of preliminary figures of the European border Agency Frontex and Coast Guard. About 40 percent of the migrants who arrived illegally in Spain was Moroccan or Algerian. By the unrest in the North of Morocco in the Rif region was devoted six months there was less supervision on boats with illegal immigrants who made the crossing to Spain, reports REUTERS.

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