Spotlight: KNVB explained Nouri in about heart defect

The remarkable message of the NRC last night has caused today, so much that the KNVB partial disclosure about Abdelhak Nouri.

In response to the recent news coverage of the NRC, concerning the State of health of Nouri and information to the family, decided to price the NFL just one important detail. By means of a statement from their official channels reports the Dutch football association that prior to every big tournament where an international of the KNVB to take part, there is a sports medicine examination where a heart test part of is.

If such a set procedure in sports medicine research, the KNVB at all times the results communicates with the player in question. In the case of Abdelhak Nouri, was older than 16 years, so that information was shared only with him and not with his family. The other party which as of course informed his club, Ajax.

It is clear now, after the press release of the NFL, that in any case Nouri himself was aware of the ailment that has led to the possible heart failure last summer. The main question now is to what extent both the KNVB as Ajax stitches have dropped at the medical guidance and treatment at that time in Austria. The coming weeks will gradually become clear what legal action by both the family as Ajax can be taken to provide insight into the entire case. The accusation now what exists from family Nouri is that too little has been done to prevent what happened last summer during the training camp.

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