Botola Pro: ' Raja get to FIFA after unilateral contract dissolution Ed '

It could well be that the winter switch from Eden to the Saudi Al Raed not without consequences.

After his employment ended unilaterally sets the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF as possible a procedure to his obligations to keep to contractual Issam Ed. This is the story which is currently circulating in different Moroccan media. The 36-year-old Issam Ed would from dissatisfaction with the club directors want to put a point behind his employment with Raja, known to operate for some time on a winter departure.

Now the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF air has gotten of the case it is quite possible that the next steps are going to be taken. The story now goes that one also in the foreseeable future, enabling the FIFA. Ed, now finally connected with the Saudi Al Raed, has not yet in the media about the long lingering question. The last post of the veteran was through its own official channels, in which he announced his departure and focused in particular on the fanbase of the club.