Cold weather: Royal instructions to support the rural population

On the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity Royal instruction is started with the winter relief program.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity today "operation cold weather 2018" activated, in favour of rural population that is exposed to the cold and heavy snow in the provinces of the high and Middle Atlas, the Foundation said in a statement .

This humanitarian operation, which follows an annual programme, initiated by the Foundation when the climatic conditions, in particular significant snowfall, the isolation of the population in the mountainous regions and their access to food sources.

A great human and logistics system is deployed in the affected provinces, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the local authorities. The teams of the Foundation are mobilized in different intervention locations to the many poor families to offer help and assistance and set them free of the effects of the cold. Populations benefit from the distribution of a so-called ' cold weather packages ' consisting of food products (flour, rice, sugar, tea, salt, oil and milk) and blankets.

For this first stage of "Operation cold weather 2018" the teams of the foundation working in the four provinces Khénifra Azilal, Midelt, and Al Haouz. The program of humanitarian aid is set up today and will benefit the thousands of citizens of these regions, reported the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity in the statement.

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