More than 200 migrants forcing border at Melilla

More than 200 African migrants knew the double fence in Melilla to force and Spanish territory.

209 people from sub-Saharan Africa who wanted to reach Europe, forcing the double fence in the afternoon yesterday, reported the authorities in Melilla by means of a statement. Some of them and a police officer were not seriously injured.

To cross the border, migrants often use hooks and shoes with nails. The wounded policeman was "attacked by an immigrant with one of the hooks they use to climb the fence, while she tried to stop", the statement said. Four of the migrants were hospitalized for minor injuries.

Images on mobile phones were made and were broadcast by the Spanish media, showed groups of migrants who ran through the streets of the city. They were later moved to a detention center, reports Lefr360.The border is protected by two six-metre high fences with steel cables. Melilla and Sebta are often used by migrants to Europe. They are the only landingangspunten between Africa and the European Union.